My name is Emerico Habacon Aguilar. I am from the Republic of the Philippines, and have been living in Japan for four years, since coming to Japan in 2017. Before coming to Japan, I worked as a lecturer at a university in my country.
I also have experience working as a Software Engineer for IT companies. After being selected as a member of the “Innovative Asia” Initiative conducted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan (MOFA), I came to Japan and entered the Doctoral Program of the Graduate School of Information Science and Technology, Osaka University, where I conducted research on “Gossip-Based Models for the Opinion Dynamics of Social Networks.”
As part of the program’s training curriculum, I joined AWL for a long-term internship at the end of March, 2021 after completing my Doctoral studies, and became a full-time employee in September, 2021.

Q1 /
Why I joined AWL?

Idea of joining a Startup Company with High Goals was hard to resist.

I work as an AI Engineer for two departments, AWLBOX development and R&D. For the AWLBOX development, I created tools to help testing our main solution. For R&D, we are deeply involved in the development of a model. I think these projects demonstrate that AI is a powerful tool that can be used for solving complex problems.
My first contact to AWL was at a company briefing session held by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) in 2020.
The speakers at the event were Mina-san, the CHRO (Chief Human Resource Officer) and Babu-san, AI Engineer. Babu is also from “Innovative Asia”, and their presentation left a strong impression on me.
Initially, I was hesitant to go to Sapporo because it’s quite well-known that winters can get very cold. However, the idea of joining a startup company with high goals was hard to resist and this is how I started my career here.

Q2 /
What’s the best thing about AWL?

Different backgrounds, but Same Goals.
I appreciate the wonderful people I meet.

I was surprised to find out how casual our work environment is. It feels more like a university research laboratory than a company. Despite the laid-back atmosphere, everyone is very professional and strives hard to contribute in their respective projects.
I also appreciate the fact that I am surrounded by coworkers who come from different countries. Despite our differences, we are able to work together and come up with solutions to challenging problems.

Q3 /
Future Challenges

Contribute to AWL by acquiring Business Knowledge and Experience

I am now focused on developing the technical skills necessary for addressing my current tasks. I am also eager to learn about how things are done on the business and managerial side as well. I want to keep on learning and exploring all possible areas through which I can contribute to the company.
My goal within the next few years is to continue to develop my contributions to the teams that I am part of. I am surrounded by hard working people, who are sincerely committed to their work. I would like to create even greater results with them!

A typical day at AWL

(Working from home)

8:30 am

Wake up

Have a quick breakfast then prepare for my day.

9:30 am

Start work

After reviewing my tasks, I pick up where I left off the day before.

10:30 am

Regular meeting

Start developing code and test scripts.

11:30 am

Development works

Review materials and gather information related to my current work.

1:00 pm


If I am working from home, I usually buy food from a bento shop or convenience store. (In case I go to the office in the afternoon, I will eat at a restaurant nearby.)

2:00 pm

Restart work

I implement the relevant new ideas I gained before lunch.
Regular meetings and conferences may be held to share progress.

6:00 pm

Finish work

If I am working at the office, I usually drop by the supermarket on the way home.

What I do in my free time?

During my free time, I enjoy watching good series or movies. Sapporo is a beautiful city and also one of the largest cities in Japan, so there are many interesting places to explore here. Before coming to Sapporo, I would always say that “Sushi” and “Sashimi” are my favorite dishes. Now I also enjoy “Ramen”. It’s hard to pick a favorite “Ramen” place since each is unique, so I suggest trying out different “Ramen” shops.

Message to those interested in joining AWL

If you are the kind of person who is interested in working on challenging tasks projects, then AWL is the company for you. I am grateful and excited to be part of AWL, and I am sure many of you will also feel the same.
All of my colleagues have useful knowledge to share, so I learn a lot even by just talking to them. A culture of cross-departmental cooperation has been established within the company, allowing us to help each other achieve goals.

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