My name is Eduardo Narváez Fuertes. I am from the Republic of Colombia in South America. I love coffee, traveling and winter sports.
While studying Electronic Engineering in Colombia, I have always been interested in Robotics and Automatic Machines. After finishing my Bachelor’s Degree, I decided to pursue a Master’s Degree in Robotics and Automation at the Polytechnic University of Madrid, Spain.
Later, at the Graduate School of Engineering, Hokkaido University, I conducted research on Cooperative Robots, AI-based autonomous mobile robots and drones, and completed my Doctoral Degree.

Q1 /
Why I joined AWL?

Seeing the company’s future potential through the challenges to achieve the goals

After a year and a half of long-term internship at the R&D base of AWL, located in an incubation facility adjacent to Hokkaido University called “Hokudai Business Spring”, I joined the company as a full-time employee from April, 2020. I am currently involved in the development of the next generation of AWL Lite applications.
I decided to work at AWL because I found the members to be fantastic. When I first joined AWL, it was a small company with great goals and enormous challenges. It was easy to realize that it has a solid leading foundation and great potential to become a significant company for society.
The company’s founders have created a fascinating culture where you can feel part of a family and grow professionally.

Q2 /
What’s the best thing about AWL?

Constant pursuit of progress is inspiring!
And company culture of Openness and Trust where people feel at ease.

In fact, I have been amazed at the remarkable growth of AWL even after joining.
The goals have been achieved and greatly surpassed. After a significant milestone is reached, the company adapts quickly and goes for a new challenge without hesitation and excellent planning…Company’s vision has been a constant source of inspiration to me.
AWL has a lot of talented and interesting people, and I like the highly refreshing and innovative work environment.

Q3 /
Future challenges

Toward the creation of AI systems for a more comfortable and vibrant life.

I would like to continue working on AI systems, creating complex applications from scratch. Currently, I am creating an efficient system to be installed on embedded systems for Linux and Android devices. I think the smaller and efficient AI devices are, the more accessible they are for customers. They are capable of bringing a lot of helpful information to improve transactions in the Retail industry. In the end, this can be good for the comfort of the people.
I would like to see with my own eyes how AWL implements all the AI Systems that are “now” under development. I would like to contribute to the “enrichment of people’s lives” by combining the fields of AI and Robotics that I have been studying. I will continue my efforts with this in mind.
Personally, I want also to improve my Japanese skills to talk smoothly with my colleagues and friends.

A typical day at AWL

8:00 am

Wake up

Grab a cup of coffee and prepare to go to the office.

10:00 am

Start work

Organize daily activities and start reading materials, etc.

11:00 am

Team meeting

Share work progress with members.

11:15 am

Development works

Continue with the development plan of the AWL Lite System or conduct a code review.

12:00 pm

Lunch time

I prefer to eat soup curry, ramen, and sushi at restaurants near the Sapporo office.

1:00 pm


Attend brief meetings with members from other departments to talk about planning and new ideas.

3:00 pm


Relax a bit with a cup of coffee in the common area. Have a great time chatting with other members.

3:15 pm

Restart work

Wrap up the work and document the daily progress and new ideas.

7:00 pm

Finish working

What I do in my free time?

I think it is very important to work in a comfortable environment and feel well every time to do a better job. In the office you can change your seat, go to a common area or walk around. I feel very comfortable in the office, and it is a good place to discuss with other members and make new ideas. I also find it refreshing to visit sightseeing spots in Japan on my days off.

Message to those interested in joining AWL

AWL is a company where you get to experience exciting things with diverse and talented members. I have learned a lot about developing innovative projects and achieving high-efficiency systems with cutting-edge coding techniques. I have also practiced management and planning processes, creating step-by-step projects from scratch. My colleagues are great people, very kind and talented. I have learned a lot from them as an engineer and as a person. Please join the company and help us to create wonderful products and services together.

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