My name is Joshua Ezekiel Sambo, my friends and acquaintances call me “Sambo”. I am from the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
I came to Japan as a graduate student in the Statistical Physics Laboratory, Graduate School of Science, Hokkaido University supported by the Japanese Government (MEXT) Scholarship Program. April, 2020 I received the Ph.D. at Hokkaido University.
Prior to coming to Japan, I received a Bachelor’s Degree in Physics from the Kaduna State University, Nigeria and a Master’s Degree in Quantum Technologies from The University of Leeds, United Kingdom.

Q1 /
Why I joined AWL?

The Company Vision, from Japan to the World to realize a prosperous society

I joined AWL in April, 2020 and work in the AWL Trainer Group.
I was fascinated by their vision, to make our society (from Japan to the rest of the world) a better place through the cutting-edge innovation in AI Camera Technologies.
I enjoy the flexible work style and the healthy work-life balance. The state-of-the-art office environment also makes me look forward to going to the office.
At AWL, every moment is exciting, the interactions with highly motivated and cheerful people from different backgrounds.

Q2 /
What’s the best thing about AWL?

Quick ideas into action, efforts to combat COVID-19

It was a time when COVID-19 started to spread, I was really amazed to see how AWL evolved very swiftly, adapting to the uncertain business circumstance by transforming the “AWL Lite” technology for marketing and attracting customers into a “crowd control” solution to prevent COVID-19 infection.
Although in a way, it might not be surprising since AWL is a community of passionate and dynamic people. I am involved in the development of the Age Gender Mask (AGM) models, which is a fundamental model used in most of our ongoing PoC* activities. I am also a data analyst in the ongoing actual PoC activity, which is a collaborative activity between AWL and certain companies. The activity is harness the power of AWL digital signage capabilities, to enhance business efficiency and optimize the profitability of the participating stores. I keep reminding myself the ability to think out of the box and flexibly change my mindset, will be the key to open up a new field.
*PoC (Proof of Concept): An experimental verification process to confirm the feasibility of a new technology or concept.

Q3 /
Future challenges

AWL’s AI Camera Solutions to be

Joining AWL has allowed me to improve my skills in the AI field, which is different from the academic field I have studied. Also, I have also acquired new skills, such as in project management, which I never had prior to joining this company.
In the coming years, I look forward to seeing AWL become a house-hold name in the AI industry both here in Japan and around the world.
To this end, I will accumulate more experience and achievements, thereby contributing to the development of AI Solutions at AWL.
From the angle of my personal life, I want to stay healthy, stay happy, imagine (which is “想像, souzou” in Japanese) the future and create (which is “創造, souzou” in Japanese) it.

A typical day at AWL

7:30 am

Wake up / Morning exercise

Have breakfast with my son and walk him to the nursery.

9:30 am

Arrive at the office

Grab a cup of coffee at the book lounge.

10:00 am

Start work

Make my to-do list in order of priorities and begin model development work.

11:30 am

Regular meeting

Regular meeting to check the progress of development.

12:00 pm


“Toriton” the “Kaiten-zushi”, which means “Sushi train” near the Sapporo Head Office of AWL is my favorite haunt.

1:00 pm

Team meeting

Discuss technical details of projects with team members.

1:45 pm

Resume model development work

3:45 pm


Coffee/tea break.

4:00 pm

Survey and research

Read the latest research papers and technical reports in my field.

6:00 pm

Daily review

Write reports and update project management sheets.

7:00 pm

Finish work

What I do in my free time?

On weekends and other national holidays, I enjoy taking long walks with my family. Sometimes I go cycling, while at other times I play soccer with my friends.

Message to those interested in joining AWL

AWL offers a place where you can demonstrate your career and engineering skills. Plus, we have a state-of-the-art office environment where you can maintain your own work style and work-life balance. The bright and motivated members from all over the world will inspire you a lot. If you want to take part in a project contributing to the well-being of the world, then come join us at AWL. And as you come to join us, remember not to allow your perceived limitations to stand in the way of your imagination. Envisioning the future creates a better world. Come and join us in creating innovation with such a dream and belief.

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