I am Moorthy Babu Sridhar Babu, currently working as an AI Engineer.
I received my Bachelor’s in Computer Science and Engineering from Madras Institute of Technology, Anna University in Chennai.
During my undergraduate degree, I had an opportunity to come as an exchange student for one of the universities in Tokyo.
I got very fascinated by the system, life and culture here in Japan and motivated me to apply for higher studies here. Fortunately, I received admission in one of the most prestigious university – Kyoto University for master’s degree. This is how my journey to Japan started.
I joined AWL in September, 2019 as a JICA scholar long term intern and then joined the company as full-time employee from April, 2020.

Q1 /
Why I joined AWL?

Being a pioneer in Edge AI Computing Technology

Experiencing AWL, the pioneer in Edge AI Computing Technology as a long term intern, I got more ecstatic and overwhelmed by the kind of quality AI work that is being carried on here. Most importantly, the kind of awesome work culture that is being adopted here and presence of pleasant atmosphere had prompted me to start my wonderful career here.

Q2 /
What’s the best thing about AWL?

“AWL Life”, the employee-friendly workplace culture

I still remember my first BBQ event during my internship, that really surprised me a lot.
AWL always make sure to celebrate each and every event/festival without fail apart from working hard.
Apart from these, the short end of month parties, welcome parties for new comers, fun filled team building events, etc. are always part of “AWL Life”.
The aspects that makes AWL unique from other similar companies, is AWL puts a lot of effort in identifying bright technical minds for the company and instill them with the appropriate skills through an encouraging and engaging training process.
Secondly, the smooth onboarding of new employees with the strong support from the human resource team, makes AWL an one-of-a-kind company.

Q3 /
Future Challenges

Take AWL to the Next Stage, to the World

I would like to continue to be a strong force in the product development and make sure in the end, we have a successful outcome and great accomplishment of quality output.
In addition, try to support the company in every management, recruitment activity in hiring bright technical minds for our company.
My long term goal or dream will be to make AWL reach Global stage,
meaning to make our unique product reach all the customers present in every nook and corner of the world.
Always adhere to the fact that the quality and societal impact are never compromised.
Forever ensure that before launching to international level, perform rigorous testing from our side to mainly assure to carry forward the worldwide renown name of Japanese product.

A typical day at AWL

9:30 am

Arrive at the office

Preparation of environment and devices for today’s tasks.

10:00 am

Start work

Work on development of AI application or development for PoC.

10:45 am

Team meeting

Check the status of the tasks, have a discussion.

11:00 am

Continue the work

Continue the development work for the day.

12:00 pm


Usually we have a variety of delicious foods on different days.
Monday we eat “Soba”, Tuesday “Sushi” etc.

1:00 pm

Restart work

Support fixing issues and bugs in the system.

2:45 pm


Cannot continue the work without taking my favourite Milk Tea.
Discuss with colleague friend about Soccer, Formula 1, etc.

4:00 pm

Short progress team meeting

Update the progress for the day.
Support other team members on their tasks.

4:45 pm

Support release of software

Prepare for the software release and conduct tests.

5:45 pm

Fun Friday/Birthday Celebration

We celebrate our colleagues birthday and surprise everyone.
Make sure that we balance our work with fun to be more productive.

6:30 pm

Start PoC work

Work on implementation of some PoC tasks collaborating with other team members (inter-team activity).

7:30 pm

Finish work

Cleanup and finish working.
Wish team member happy evening!!

What I do in my free time?

I am a voracious reader, I try to read a lot of articles and blogs about the recent technologies, climate change etc. Mainly to keep updated with the latest news around the world.
Apart from this, I try to refresh myself through any outdoor activites like playing sports, long cycling occasionally during weekends etc.

Message to those interested in joining AWL

If you are looking to kick start your career in AI particularly in applying the Core Deep Learning techniques on edge devices, I couldn’t think of a better place than AWL. AWL has various technical departments, like the Research and Development team, Product Development team and Full-stack Development for internal systems development.
We are also very diverse not only in terms of the technical departments, but also in terms of the bunch of engineers. We have engineers from countries around the world.
You will get to experience a more diverse culture, that in itself is an enriching experience. Most important of all, is that you will get a chance to have a wonderful life in Japan and cherish this wonderful and unique lifestyle.

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